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  ELTHAM is a school unlike any other. We’re constantly adapting to the changing needs of young people and their world. We support them on a journey of self-discovery to unlock their talents through one of Victoria’s broadest curriculums. Most importantly, our teachers guide each young person to become empowered with the self-confidence and independence to manage all aspects of their future lives.


  We aim for our graduates to step into life after school as pro-active young people equipped with the skills and desire to continue successful learning. And while we’re achieving these serious aims, we’re determined to have fun at the same time! Not only do we make learning exciting and relevant to life, we also create a very different and liberating environment where teachers and students share trust and friendship and work together in mutual respect.


  We’re an independent, coeducational, Early Learning - Year 12 school. We’re also proud to be non-selective - we welcome students of all backgrounds, talents and abilities.

  Nine core values form the foundation of our planning and drive our actions as an organisation:

  Working together

  We embrace shared leadership, non-hierarchical behaviour, and individual and team empowerment.


  We celebrate diversity and recognise each individual for their talents, abilities, passions and aspirations.


  We encourage creativity, innovation and risk taking to seek better ways of educating and learning.


  We display integrity through openness, trust, negotiation, fairness, honesty and respect for all people.


  We develop lifelong learners with capacity for self-direction and self-management.


  We create a culture that values the principles of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.


  We value the quest for personal bests and setting new standards.


  We value community behaviours that encourage people to work together and respect the integrity and individuality of other people and the rights of the community.


  We pride ourselves on a vast curriculum. Specially designed programs have been developed to ensure that each young person at ELTHAM has the opportunity to explore and enhance their talents. Teachers work with students to tailor a learning program to suit their needs, abilities, passions and aspirations.

  Our teachers dedicate themselves to a section of the school in order to plan exciting learning experiences for each developmental stage .

  This section of our web site is devoted to giving you specific information about our curriculum and programs.

  Learn more about our curriculum & programs:

  Early/Junior Years ELC-Year 4

  Middle Years 5-8

  Year 9 City Experience

  Senior Years 10-12

  Short Courses for Adults

  Short Courses for Kids

  Post Secondary Courses

  Application fee????????????????? $750

  Tuition per year (Prep to Yr 7)? $18,000

  Tuition per year (Year 8)??????? $23,300

  Tuition per year (Year 9)??????? $27,000

  Tuition per year (Years 10 to 12)$26,000

  School Program textbooks and Subject Requirements per year $900,VCAA VCE Assessment Fee The approximate annual cost in Year 10 is $160, Years 11-12 is between $225 to $330. These fees are dependent on the number of subjects taken.